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Jugando con vehículos de juguete

Digital transformation is child's play. 

can be simple

or very complex.


How many of us grew up playing with Rasti, or played Lego with our children and found ourselves building worlds, castles or spaceships from the first little block? The only limit was the imagination, and an airplane could be a scale replica of a Boeing, or take flight with two little cross blocks, depending on the kit we had.

Pagando con un teléfono

Millions of interconnectable apps, advanced technology in exchange for a monthly fee for use, intelligence in the hand of each person. These are the new blocks with which the transformation and digital presence of companies is played.

At La Orquesta we are here to help you.Let's play?


It is healthy for those responsible for a company to know the possibilities and combinations, and decide the most appropriate use for their business.The purpose must continue to be the engine and the reason for the existence of the company.In the same way that the little bricks of one row are stacked on top of the previous one, only by knowing the current position of a company can you decide which path to choose.

rascacielos borrosas
Reunión al aire libre

And how to play? In teams that combine business and #technology, using #Agile methods, growing in phases that are always functional, with the #customer always in mind and understanding errors as part of the journey. And of course… the possible dangers.


With the digital transformation, the acquisition of new customers has mutated from the funnel to the shape of a big fish, and conversions happen in its digital "guts". The long-awaited (and anxious) client "googles" his desire, starting his digital journey towards websites, markets, e-commerce sites, social networks and others. "Live" in videos the experience of having the product, be it the one of the original desire or a substitute that looks more attractive and close. Once the purchase is made, your experience will be stronger than before. If he is delighted, his posts will attract new "searchers", but if something went wrong, surely his path will be in search of another fish...

Diseño web

In addition to having a digital "look" on our website or social networks, a brand-product-experience coherence applied to the visible faces of companies is necessary. It is necessary to develop a digital presence strategy that covers the entire spectrum of interactions.

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